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Passion: “a thing arousing enthusiasm” (New Oxford American Dictionary)

It is funny how passions evolve through your life.  In my twenties, I was passionate about whales and dolphins.  I participated in a dolphin census one summer, posting myself at the beach at a very early hour to count the dolphins as they swam by.  Oh, the good old twenties filled with golden beachy memories.  How I miss you! In my thirties I got married and had two babies.  Dolphins took a backseat to diapers, playgroups and potty training.  Consequently, married with children also leads to lots of cooking.  I have always enjoyed cooking.  I started early and learned a lot from my Mom, Martha & magazines.  It didn’t really become a passion until 2010 when the children were a little older.  I remember the moment it hit.  I was sitting in the waiting room at dance class and was partaking in the weekly “gab therapy” session with the other moms.  I mentioned The Pillsbury Bake-Off and how I thought I’d give entering a recipe a shot.  I had nothing to lose.  I’d been creating dinner from whatever was in the refrigerator for years.  It was my only little “Chopped” competition training.  I went home, read the rules, printed the required ingredient lists and started to think.  That is when my food brain turned on and my passion for all things food started. 

With Martha Stewart at the 45th Pillsbury Bake Off Contest.

The upside of my food passion has led me to some great recipes, fun adventures, new friends and some good fortune!  The downside led to recipe flops, dirty dishes galore and a family that just wants a normal meal once in a while.  Now my food passion leads me here, to this page where I will share my passion and hopefully gather a willing audience.  

Willing: “ready, eager, or prepared to do something” (New Oxford American Dictionary

Why do I seek a willing audience??  It seems I’ve accosted one too many unwilling victims at social events this past holiday season.  Apparently after a glass of wine, I have a habit of cornering poor souls to whom I expound the intricate and expansive details of my latest epicuri experiments.  I apologize!

I hope you will join me on this journey!  I plan to share fun recipes, food adventures and Recipe Roots™ (the back-story of a recipe).  You can type in your email address to receive updates of new blog posts (see the "Stay in Touch" box off to the right).  You can also use the handy links above to follow epicuricloud on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Take a look at the tabs at the top of the site to read a little more about me and my cooking contest experiences.  Please feel free to share your thoughts…maybe your passions (PG rated of course) in the comment section.  

Thanks for spending some time in the cloud with me!

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins: Photo taken by one of the crew members on the Bottom Time II in the Bahamas, Lloyd, 1991