PB & Fluff Push Pops (Just a Quick Idea)

PB & Fluff Push Pop (Just a quick idea)My daughter had this push pop tube leftover from a cake push pop a friend had given her for her birthday.  Had a little early AM inspiration!!  I'll have to ask her when she gets home if it was hard to eat!  If she says it worked out well and she didn't have it all over her at lunch, I'll try some more!  Maybe I can be a little neater the next time! ( :  Hard to be neat in the early AM!

Update: She loved it and said it worked great!!  It's all washed are ready for another fun lunch!  May need to order some of these tubes to experiment with - saw them on Amazon for about $1.00 a piece.  They are reusable.  Enjoy!

fluffernutter push pop.jpg