Melted Ice Cream Cake Recipe

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A moist and delicious cake from 3 ingredients!

This is such a fun way to make a boxed cake mix!  Instead of adding the typical the water and oil to your cake mix, you add melted ice cream along with some eggs!!  Think of all the flavor combinations you can try!!  Any flavor cake mix + any flavor ice cream = A moist and delicious cake with endless flavor possibilities! For the ice cream, you need 2 cups melted.  Most pints of ice cream will yield  2 cups when melted, unless it's a variety that whips a lot of air into their ice cream.  If your pint falls short a little, just make up the difference with some milk, cream or water.  I have made this recipe into Bundt cakes. cupcakes, sheet cakes and layer cakes.

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Melted Ice Cream Cake:

Tina Verrelli  -

Makes 1 Bundt, 24 cupcakes, 13 x 9 sheet cake or 2-layer cake


1 boxed cake mix (15.25 ounces these days) – any flavor

2 cups melted ice cream – any flavor

3 eggs

non-stick baking spray


Preheat oven to temperature listed on cake mix box.

Prepare your cake pan with non-stick baking spray (the kind with the flour) or use cupcake liners for cupcakes.

In large bowl, mix together cake mix, melted ice cream and eggs.

Pour into your desired baking pan and bake for the time listed on the cake mix box.

Note: Most pints of ice cream are 2-cups when melted, unless it’s a brand that pumps a lot of air into their ice cream.  If that’s the case, just add some milk to make up the difference.

Printable Recipe: Melted Ice Cream Cake