“Brookie” Bars:
Sugar Cookie Bars + Buttercream Frosting + Brownies = YUMMY!
“Brookie” Bars:
Sugar Cookie Bars + Buttercream Frosting + Brownies = YUMMY!
  • 118-ounce package brownie mixI used Ghiradelli Double Chocolate
  • 1/4cup water
  • 1/3cup oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2cup butter, softened1-stick
  • 1pound powdered sugarabout 4-cups
  • 1teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3-4tablespoons milk
  1. Beat butter until fluffy, add powdered sugar, vanilla and 1 tablespoon milk, mix until combined, then beat until fluffy. Add more milk as need to reach thick but spreadable consistency.
  2. Use overhanging foil edges of sling to lift brownies/bars to platter or cutting board.
  3. Carefully peel off foil sling, you can invert cookie or brownie layer onto a platter or thin cutting board to get to underside to peel off sling if layers seem too delicate to handle.
  4. Place brownie layer on serving platter, spread a layer of frosting (may not use it all – can freeze) and top with the sugar cookie bar layer. Gently press down to stick together. Cut into 16 bars. Can be stored in air-tight container for several days. Can freeze cookie and brownie layers – wrapped tightly, then thaw and assemble.
Recipe Notes

Note: How to make Foil Sling – See photos in blog above. Cut two sheets of foil three inches longer than the long sides of the pan. Press the foil into the bottom of the pan. fold down the excess foil at the edges and tuck under the edge of the pan. Spray foil and edges of pan with non-stick baking spray. Allow baked items to cool completely in pan before lifting out.