Roasted Cabbage Recipe

I was never a big fan of cabbage...

I avoided pretty much all of the cruciferous vegetables for most of my life until I started playing around with different preparations.  Well, it turns out that I love cabbage when it's roasted…and…topped with shallots, crispy prosciutto and drizzled with balsamic glaze and some freshly grated Parmesan cheese…mmm!

If you don't care for the toppings, just roast with the oil, salt and pepper for a minimalist version of the dish.  Either way it may be just the perfect side dish to go with your St. Patrick's Day meal!

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Roasted Cabbage: Step-by-Step Directions:

Roasted Cabbage Recipe:

Christina Verrelli -

Makes 4 servings


1/2 large head green cabbage

1 large shallot

2 tablespoons oil (suitable for high heat cooking)

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

4-6 paper-thin slices of prosciutto

1 tablespoon thinly shredded Parmesan cheese

2-3 teaspoons balsamic glaze*


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.  Arrange oven rack to the center position.  Line a large baking sheet with parchment or brush with some additional oil.  Slice the cabbage from the top-side to the stem-side into four 3/4-inch thick slices.  Peel and slice the shallot into 1/4-inch slices.  Arrange the cabbage slices on the prepared baking sheet and divide the shallot pieces on top of each.  Drizzle all evenly with 2 tablespoons oil (I used avocado or safflower oil which are suitable for high heat cooking.)  Sprinkle evenly with salt and pepper.  Roast in oven for 20 minutes.  Slice prosciutto into 1/2-inch ribbons.  Top partially cooked (after 20 minutes) cabbage slices with prosciutto ribbons.  Return to oven and continue to roast for 15-20 minutes or until the prosciutto is crisped and the edges of the cabbage are charred.  Remove from oven, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and drizzle with balsamic glaze*.


You can purchase balsamic glaze or you can make your own balsamic reduction, below.  It would be fine to drizzle the roasted cabbage slices with a teaspoon regular balsamic vinegar as well.

Balsamic Reduction:  Heat 1 cup good quality balsamic vinegar over medium-high heat until it comes to boil.  Reduce heat and simmer until reduced to ¼ cup.  Allow to cool.

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